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REALTORS® Stephanie Lund and Jason Felker Become Members of the Recently Formed Scottsdale Chapter of the Top Agent Network (TAN)

TAN, an online business community created for the collaboration of the top local real estate agents, has recently invited and accepted Talka International Realty REALTORS® Jason Felker and Stephanie Lund into their newest chapter in Scottsdale, Arizona.

North Scottsdale, AZ, August 1, 2012 – REALTORS® Stephanie Lund and Jason Felker have recently been invited and accepted into membership of the local chapter of the Top Agent Network (TAN). The Felkers have dedicated their lives to the provision of the ultimate in customer service at all times, enabling them to achieve high levels of success within the real estate industry. Striving throughout their career to raise the bar for all real estate agents regarding their service to their clients, including sellers and buyers, Jason and Stephanie are proud to join such an illustrious organization.

Membership in the Top Agent Network is limited to the top 10% of the real estate agents who perform in the top 10 percent of their geographical area regarding closed home sales within the previous 24-month period. Invited members are thoroughly screened prior to being selected for acceptance into the organization. TAN unites the best real estate agents in a network designed with an eye toward the overall improvement for the industry as a whole.

Currently, the Top Agent Network (TAN) has 18 chapters throughout the nation with Scottsdale being the most recent one. The organization enables online sharing of exclusive information among trusted members, enabling a superlative level of service on a broad level. While this practice has been possible via word-of-mouth, the focused platform featured via TAN’s sophisticated communication network enhances the process.

Founder and CEO of the Top Agent Network, David Faudman, has made it possible for verified top producing agents to become part of an online force capable of exchanging unique information in the local markets. The organizations slogan says it all, “Where verified top producers collaborate and prosper.”

The advantages of membership in TAN are multifaceted as everyone benefits. Members can share their pre-MLS publication listings, buyer specifications for potential properties to purchase, and unique aspects or property scenarios. This scenario enables agents to connect their clients with properties that match their needs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Not only can buyers get a sneak peek before the rest of the buying public, but they can do so in privacy. Since members of TAN have access to listings not included in the MLS, membership offers a real competitive edge to real estate agents and their clients. The opportunity for a successful transaction is enhanced simply because of the unique sharing aspect cultivated within TAN.

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