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REALTORS® Stephanie Lund and Jason Felker Become Members of the Recently Formed Scottsdale Chapter of the Top Agent Network (TAN)

TAN, an online business community created for the collaboration of the top local real estate agents, has recently invited and accepted Talka International Realty REALTORS® Jason Felker and Stephanie Lund into their newest chapter in Scottsdale, Arizona.

North Scottsdale, AZ, August 1, 2012 – REALTORS® Stephanie Lund and Jason Felker have recently been invited and accepted into membership of the local chapter of the Top Agent Network (TAN). The Felkers have dedicated their lives to the provision of the ultimate in customer service at all times, enabling them to achieve high levels of success within the real estate industry. Striving throughout their career to raise the bar for all real estate agents regarding their service to their clients, including sellers and buyers, Jason and Stephanie are proud to join such an illustrious organization.

Membership in the Top Agent Network is limited to the top 10% of the real estate agents who perform in the top 10 percent of their geographical area regarding closed home sales within the previous 24-month period. Invited members are thoroughly screened prior to being selected for acceptance into the organization. TAN unites the best real estate agents in a network designed with an eye toward the overall improvement for the industry as a whole.

Currently, the Top Agent Network (TAN) has 18 chapters throughout the nation with Scottsdale being the most recent one. The organization enables online sharing of exclusive information among trusted members, enabling a superlative level of service on a broad level. While this practice has been possible via word-of-mouth, the focused platform featured via TAN’s sophisticated communication network enhances the process.

Founder and CEO of the Top Agent Network, David Faudman, has made it possible for verified top producing agents to become part of an online force capable of exchanging unique information in the local markets. The organizations slogan says it all, “Where verified top producers collaborate and prosper.”

The advantages of membership in TAN are multifaceted as everyone benefits. Members can share their pre-MLS publication listings, buyer specifications for potential properties to purchase, and unique aspects or property scenarios. This scenario enables agents to connect their clients with properties that match their needs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Not only can buyers get a sneak peek before the rest of the buying public, but they can do so in privacy. Since members of TAN have access to listings not included in the MLS, membership offers a real competitive edge to real estate agents and their clients. The opportunity for a successful transaction is enhanced simply because of the unique sharing aspect cultivated within TAN.


Tucked in the western foothills at the base of the McDowell Mountains, the guard-gated community of DC Ranch basks in the glorious sunshine while laying claim to national recognition as a luxury private golf and residential community with tree-lined streets. Developed by DC Ranch L.L.C, a master developer, DC Ranch covers more than 8,000 acres of verdant landscape alongside the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Approximately 2,150 acres are dedicated to residential use featuring custom, luxury, and single-family homes. DC Ranch homes draw from distinctive architectural styles including Western Regional, Craftsman, and Spanish offering a panoramic array of gorgeous residences. From elevated front porches to pleasant curbside appeal, front-home living is the favored choice within the DC Ranch community. A varied range of floor plans are featured as well as a low-maintenance style of homes.

Honoring the beauty of the Sonoran Desert landscape, this guard-gated, master-planned community of DC Ranch offers an enviable lifestyle while carefully blending in with its surrounding environment. With access to 33 miles of hiking trails and several neighborhood parks, DC Ranch features many opportunities to enjoy Mother Nature and the more than 300 days of sunshine per year that this area is noted to provide.

Reflecting a small-town atmosphere, DC Ranch offers a number of enjoyable community amenities including two private golf clubs, two golf courses, a 4-acre and a 9-acre community center, a public safety facility, and exciting shopping and dining venues. A full calendar of events within walking distance throughout the year helps to keep the community connected in an engagingly friendly manner. DC Ranch is also a wonderful location to search for Arizona Vacation Homes for Canadians. View existing real estate listings in the lush dessert community of DC Ranch located in attractive North Scottsdale.

As DC Ranch residents, we have an insider’s view of the area along with a strong sense of community and a deep understanding of this exceptional community in which we live, work, and play! Our background provides us with the knowledge and experience needed to offer professional, personalized service to anyone looking to purchase or sell DC Ranch real estate.


A vision of desert beauty, the 150-acre Pinnacle Peak Park is located at 26802 N. 102nd Way about a mile south of Alma School. The park is well maintained by volunteers who oversee maintenance of the trails and signage as well as the ranger station and park facilities.

Pinnacle Peak Park offers a trail featuring a moderate level of difficulty. The elevation gain is only 1,300 feet or so. A round trip on the trail is about 3.5 miles along a smooth surface that winds up and down several times. Since the trail does not loop around, hikers traverse the same area twice- once on the way up and then again on the way back to their starting point. No bicycles or dogs are permitted at anytime on the Pinnacle Peak Park trail.

Access to Outdoor Activities for the Dynamite Foothills Community

Residents of the Dynamite Foothills Community are only a short distance from the enjoyment of horseback riding, hiking, and rock climbing. The views are quite spectacular from this area, just as they are from within the residential community as well.

Pinnacle Peak Park has excellent trail signage identifying local fauna, flora, and geology. The cultural history of the area is also depicted through the park’s interpretative programs. Some of the local flora in the area includes such native plants as Creosote plants, the Saguaro, and the Cholla Cactus. Hikers should exercise caution because local animals in Pinnacle Peak Park include such dangerous ones as the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Gila Monster, and Bobcats.

Pinnacle Peak Park Special Events

Throughout the year, a number of special events are held at Pinnacle Peak Park including animal exhibits, lectures, and guest speaker nights. An astronomy night is held at least once during the year providing an enjoyable evening stargazing while picking up a few facts about the sky. During the months of November through April, interpretative tours are held for those who want to hike while learning more about the Pinnacle Peak Park and surrounding area.

Pinnacle Peak Park Amenities

Pinnacle Peak Park is open from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm, although park officials state that the hours are subject to change. Park rules and safety information are available online for those visitors who wish to read up on them prior to visiting the park. Pinnacle Peak Park offers a parking area that can accommodate trailers as well as cars. A drinking fountain, restroom, and picnic tables are available for public use.

Volunteer Opportunities in Pinnacle Peak Park
Volunteers are always welcome at Pinnacle Peak Park. A comprehensive training program is available during the fall providing new volunteers with the skills and knowledge they need to fully participate in their chosen position. Volunteers can perform as trail rovers, interpretative leaders, evening trail sweepers, administrative volunteers, or trail maintenance pick and shovel volunteers. Each position plays an important role in the upkeep of Pinnacle Peak Park. Residents of the area are in close proximity of the park and might want to consider joining this close-knit group.

Pinnacle Peak Park Main Trail Map
As North Scottsdale residents, we have an insider’s view of the area along with a strong sense of community and a deep understanding of this exceptional community in which we live, work, and play! Our background provides us with the knowledge and experience needed to offer professional, personalized service to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home near Pinnacle Peak Park.


Talka International Realty specializes in selling your home in DC Ranch. We enjoy selling homes in DC Ranch Scottsdale AZ for many reasons including the fact that we are DC Ranch residents ourselves and our futures are invested in this extraordinary neighborhood where we live, work, and play. We know the area inside out and can tell prospective buyers everything they need to know from neighborhood amenities to educational venues to community festivals and events. The remarkable lifestyle found at DC Ranch is one that we understand and appreciate.

Intrinsic Value of the Homes in the DC Ranch Community

Selling your home in DC Ranch provides exciting opportunities for both newcomers and those who choose to sell. The DC Ranch Community is well-known for so many exciting aspects that it is difficult to know where to begin. From lavish golf courses to panoramic beauty to community amenities, DC Ranch has exciting opportunities for everyone. Its welcoming environment beckons to those who come to join its friendly community while saying a fond farewell to those who choose to move on.

Talka International Realty Specializes in Selling your home in DC Ranch

Selling a home in one of the intimate neighborhoods of DC Ranch is a very enjoyable task for us. This desert community has everything a homeowner could need from gorgeous weather to friendly neighbors to world-class amenities. Fortunately for potential sellers, selling your home in DC Ranch is one of our specialties. We welcome you to join us in our fondness for this area as we assist you in finding the right buyer for your property.

Talka International Realty understands and respects the feelings of a homeowner who for one reason or another is selling your home in DC Ranch. We promise to provide superlative customer service while bringing your real estate transaction to a successful close. Choose us for personal, professional service.

Selling your home in DC Ranch Community of North Scottsdale

Homeowners who are selling your home in DC Ranch will be better served by a REALTOR who is familiar with the area and who can answer questions from prospective buyers rather than saying “I’ll find out for you.” Since we live in DC Ranch, we are familiar with the schools in the area, community amenities, shopping venues, and more. REALTORS who live the desert lifestyle understand its true beauty. It would be our pleasure to assist you in selling your home in DC Ranch, this gorgeous golf-course community. Please contact us for more information, access to important resources, or to schedule a consultation.

Talka International Realty specializing in selling your home in Troon and appreciates the distinctive community of Troon Scottsdale AZ and all that it has to offer its residents. From the glorious rays of sun shining down on verdant landscapes to neighborhood amenities to employment opportunities to spacious floor plans, the Troon community provides an attractive array of reasons to choose to live here. Familiar with this North Scottsdale community and all that it can provide, we enjoy sharing this remarkable lifestyle with prospective buyers while selling your home in Troon.

Inherent Value of the Luxury Homes in the Troon Community

Offering a pleasant array of luxury homes, deluxe condominiums, upscale townhomes, and custom estates throughout more than 30 subdivisions, the aesthetically-pleasing development of Troon caters to a variety of people. Receiving slightly more rain than other North Scottsdale communities, Troon is a veritable oasis offering verdant arroyo and stately saguaros against the backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. With an impressive set of community amenities close at hand, Troon beckons to excited newcomers while offering a fond farewell to those residents selling your home in Troon.

Troon properties range in size and style from 2,000±SF to 5,000±SF of living space, and include an attractive array of custom, semi-custom, townhome, and luxury single-family homes. Typical Troon homes offer 3 to 5 bedrooms with private spas, private yards, or guest houses. Most of the homes have scenic mountain, city, or golf-course views visible from at least one side of the home.

Talka International Realty Specializes in Selling Your Home in Troon

As licensed REALTORS® with a team of professionals behind us, the latest technological tools for selling your home in Troon, and industry-specific credentials, we are well-equipped to assist you with selling your home in Troon. Although it might seem counterproductive to state that homes in the Troon community practically sell themselves, it is true.

With so many desirable features to offer prospective homebuyers, we can assist selling your home in Troon and bring your home sale to a successful closing in a reasonable time. Not only does our knowledge and education put us ahead of other real estate agents, it offers current homeowners a chance to work with the best.

If you are selling your home in Troon in Troon North, Troon Village, or the Troon Character area, we are fully prepared to assist you in selling your home in Troon. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing this exciting opportunity further.

Selling Your Home in Troon Community of North Scottsdale

With subdivision names like Eagles Pass at Pinnacle Peak, Troon Fairways, Saguaro Canyon, and Whispering Ridge, it is easy to imagine the desirability of living in Troon.

Luxury properties in the Troon community have very desirable locations within a guard-gated development or along the fairway. The added amenities of a 50,000±SF luxury country club, pristinely manicured golf courses, and proximity to Pinnacle Peak add to the desirability of Troon as the perfect place to live, work, and play. Selling your home in Troon is what we do. Placing your trust in us is what we would like you to do.

Selling Your Home in Terravita – A Master-Planned, Luxury, Guard-Gated Golf Community in North Scottsdale 85255

Talka International Realty specializes in selling your home in Terravita. We appreciate the value of real estate in this guard-gated golf community recognizing the significance of community amenities in the home-selling equation. Offering glorious sunshine, magnificent views and a private golf course, Terravita Scottsdale AZ is an extraordinary community featuring prime real estate for discerning buyers. We enjoy selling your home in Terravita because we know our buyers are receiving top value for their financial investment. The remarkable desert lifestyle found here is truly something to appreciate.

Inherent Value of the Luxury Homes in the Terravita Community

One of several guard-gated communities in North Scottsdale, Terravita offers a fantastic array of homes ranging from 1,500±SF to 3,800±SF with nearly two dozen floor plans. Interlaced with paved paths, nature trails, and gorgeous desert scenery, Terravita’s homes resemble sparkling gems against a panoramic backdrop that includes majestic views of the Boulders and Black Mountain. Exciting opportunities for outdoor fun are everywhere including places to jog, play tennis, swim, play golf, and work out. The championship golf course designed by Billy Casper/Greg Nash offers private membership, club house, and fitness center. When selling your home in Terravita we describe this fabulous golf-course community and all that is has to offer potential buyers.

Talka International Realty Specializes in Selling Your Home in Terravita

We have the latest technology, industry-specific credentials, and exceptional marketing strategies that enable us to provide superlative service while selling your home in Terravita. Our fondness for the desert lifestyle and our residency in North Scottsdale places us in a unique position giving us an insider’s view of what to expect when selling your home in Terravita.

The neighborhoods within this desert community exude friendliness along with a healthy dose of gorgeous mountain and desert views. Designed by Del Webb, the Terravita Community offers an attractive assortment of luxury homes, enabling us to assist you in selling your home in Terravita. Please allow us to assist you in locating the perfect buyer and selling your home in Terravita in a timely manner.

Selling Your Home in Terravita Community of North Scottsdale

Let an experienced Terravita REALTOR® guide you in the steps you must take when selling your home in Terravita. We can answer all of your questions promptly along with any questions that prospective buyers might have when selling your home in Terravita. As nearby North Scottsdale neighbors, we’re familiar with nearby shopping venues, neighborhood schools, and other community amenities. We can develop a customized marketing plan to assist in selling your home in Terravita quickly. Selling homes is our business. Selling Your Home in Terravita is our pleasure.

Selling Your Home in Grayhawk – a Master-Planned, Luxury, Gated North Scottsdale Community Scottsdale AZ 85255

Talka International Realty specializes in selling your home in Grayhawk, an eclectic array of luxury properties located in the gated North Scottsdale master-planned community of Grayhawk Scottsdale AZ. Whether you are interested in selling your home in Grayhawk in “The Park”, “The Raptor Retreat”, or “The Talon Retreat” section of Grayhawk, we are poised and ready to offer guided assistance. Selling your home in Grayhawk and other homes throughout North Scottsdale is what we do for a living. We are familiar with North Scottsdale as we live in the neighboring community of DC Ranch. We appreciate what it takes to sell a North Scottsdale home swiftly, and we have the experience, technology, skills, and background to do so.

Inherent Value of the Luxury Homes in the Grayhawk Community

The desert lifestyle is one that is filled with more than 300 glorious days of sunshine, panoramic beauty, mountain views, and countless opportunities for outdoor fun. The Grayhawk Community has all of these features to offer along with luxurious community amenities including two pristinely manicured golf courses. “The Park” section of Grayhawk caters to families looking for a guard-gated, luxury community to raise a family. Catering to golf lovers, “The Retreat” section of Grayhawk provides gorgeous homes, two first-class golf courses, and a deluxe club house that offers everything a golfer could need. It is this inherent value found in Grayhawk properties that makes selling your home in Grayhawk such a pleasure for us.

Talka International Realty Specializes in Selling Your Home in Grayhawk

Selling your home in Grayhawk, a beautiful master-planned North Scottsdale community is an enjoyable task for us due to Grayhawk’s exceptional amenities, desirable homes, and our real estate background. The intimate neighborhoods of “The Park” and “The Retreat” are interconnected giving this exceptional community a uniquely distinctive atmosphere, shared amenities such as Grayhawk’s Walk Trail System, and a friendly neighborhood where harmony is the norm rather than an anomaly.

When selling your home in Grayhawk, we have what it takes to market your Grayhawk property successfully selling your home in a timely fashion. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with selling your home in Grayhawk. Contact us for the quickest path to a SOLD sign!

Selling your home in Grayhawk Community of North Scottsdale

As REALTORS® who live in a neighboring North Scottsdale community, we can readily answer any question prospective buyers have regarding the Grayhawk community. As professionals with real estate credentials, experience selling homes, and a firm commitment to provide exceptional service to our clients, we are fully capable of assisting you in selling your home in Grayhawk, an elite, guard-gated North Scottsdale community. Not only do we understand the desert lifestyle, we live it and understand just how important it is for homeowners to find a buyer who will love their property just as much as they do. Selling your home in Grayhawk is more than just an assignment for us, it’s a pleasure.

Scottsdale AZ – “Most Livable City” and A Great Place to Live

Tucked away in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale AZ offers gorgeous scenery, breathtaking views, and more than 300 days of golden sunshine. Life is good here in Scottsdale AZ, blending city amenities with a vacation lifestyle in harmonious coexistence. Part of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Scottsdale AZ is home to luxury, guard-gated developments offering opportunities for exciting outdoor adventures including golfing, hiking, boating, hot-air ballooning, fishing, exploring, and more.

Basking in Scottsdale AZ Sunshine

Even if you like cold weather, it is nice to get away for a bit to enjoy a round of challenging golf at a championship Scottsdale AZ course, hiking in the mountains, or just sitting on your front or back porch gazing at the glorious sunshine. Scottsdale AZ offers comfortable temperatures almost every day of the year, but particularly from the month of November throughout the month of April. Of course, some Scottsdale AZ summer months offer hot days, but that is exactly what swimming and boating are for! What could be better than simply walking out your Scottsdale AZ door without checking the weather channel first or almost never needing an umbrella?

Choosing the Amazing Scottsdale AZ Lifestyle

Reveling in a spectacular sunset from your doorstep is the norm here in Scottsdale AZ where life takes place at an easy pace. It’s easy to make friends in the welcoming North Scottsdale AZ communities. Employment opportunities are available while recreational opportunities exist seemingly everywhere. In addition, many Canadians call Scottsdale AZ home during the winter months.

Exceptional boutiques and stores in the downtown area of Scottsdale AZ provide access to the latest fashions, while numerous theaters and museums provide cultural experiences to rave about. From the Phoenix Coyote’s hockey arena to the Arizona Cardinal’s football stadium to the Cactus League’s spring training event, sports enthusiasts can enjoy hours of sports mania near Scottsdale AZ. Offering an exceptional lifestyle of relaxation and outdoor recreation, the luxury communities in the Scottsdale AZ area of Phoenix are super friendly and provide desirable locations to hang your hat, kick back, and enjoy life. Scottsdale AZ is truly the destination to be!

Outdoor Eating at its Best – Cowboy Bar Greasewood Flat North Scottsdale AZ

A local bar and popular hangout in Troon Scottsdale AZ, Greasewood Flat has enough character to draw a crowd of tourists looking for history along with a group of locals looking for some good, hometown fun. While the seating area can be found outdoors with an array of sturdy picnic tables, the heart of the place is situated in an old bunkhouse dating back more than 100 years. Greasewood Flat serves up good-old cowboy vittles, toasty campfires, cold drinks, and a place to kick back and enjoy living.

Located at 27900 N Alma School Parkway in the Troon area of North Scottsdale by Pinnacle Peak Mountain, Greasewood Flat sits on land with quite a historic significance. This particular location happens to be where the original stagecoach stopped whenever traveling between Fort McDowell and Phoenix.

A true cowboy bar, Greasewood Flat only accepts guests who are 21 years of age. After all, the drinks are intended for adults who can handle the stuff. Younger guests must be accompanied by their parents in order to enter and enjoy true cowboy food.

Greasewood Flat Cowboy Menu

Serving up their famous half-pound burgers with all the trimmings is what this popular eatery does best. Offering an assortment of entrees with a healthy dose of sides, Greasewood Flat tempts the tummy with its enticing aromas and delicious looking platters.

Whether you typically enjoy a regular burger, cheeseburger, or bacon cheeseburger or you prefer the adventure of chomping on a green chili cheeseburger, Greasewood Flat is well-known for treating its guests right. Every Greasewood Flat burger is made from fresh 90% lean beef, so you get all of the flavor without all of the fat. Plus, each Greasewood Flat burger includes the following trimmings: lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion with potato chips on the side!

Greasewood Flat also serves up a bit of spicy flavor with an array of local favorites including cowboy beans, chili, tamales, grilled cheese, nachos, and chips & salsa.

Live Entertainment Featured at Greasewood Flat

All year long, patrons at Greasewood Flat cowboy bar can enjoy live entertainment chosen with the guests in mind, but the hours vary depending on the time of year. During the summer, Greasewood Flat begins to rock at 7:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and continues rocking until 11:00 pm. On Sundays, the entertainment begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 10:30 pm.

The rest of the year, the hours for live entertainment at Greasewood Flat vary greatly with afternoon hours making an appearance on Saturdays (3:00 pm to 11:00 pm) and Sundays (2:00 pm to 10:30 pm). Thursdays ramp it up starting at 6:30 pm and ending at 11:00 pm, while entertainment on Fridays begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 11:00 pm.

Greasewood Flat Hours and Amenities

Greasewood Flat is open daily from 11:00 am until 1:00 am. The kitchen typically closes at 10:00 pm, so be sure to get your orders in early.

Seating at Greasewood Flat is available for as many as 1,000 people.

Private areas of Greasewood Flat are reserved for special events such as rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, birthday parties, retirement parties, and more.

Dining at the Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery North Scottsdale AZ

One of the most popular eateries in Pinnacle Peak Scottsdale AZ and Troon Scottsdale AZ areas, Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery has been dishing up flavorful cuisine since 1957. While it might have started out serving dinner on weekends only during its early days, Pinnacle Peak Patio has grown large enough to serve 2,000 people with its outside seating areas and 1,800 with interior seating. It’s quite a popular eatery, especially due to its reputation for producing the areas most flavorful mesquite broiled steaks!

Pinnacle Peak Patio patrons can get great deals between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 pm Mondays through Fridays with $2.00 microbrews, domestics, and house wines. For those who like a bit to eat with their drinks, appetizers are currently half-price during these hours. Of course, the rest of the time, the food and beverages at Pinnacle Peak Patio are delicious while the atmosphere is unique, cozy, and entertaining.

Unique Décor at the Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery

From swinging saloon doors to fireplaces to a western-style bar, the Pinnacle Peak Patio offers an interesting spot to get away and enjoy a tasty meal with a few friends or a large gathering. The décor is distinctively western with a true taste of Arizona history infused into it.

Pinnacle Peak Patio Seating Areas

The restaurant’s spacious accommodations provide a fantastic place for large groups as well as smaller ones. Several inside and outside seating areas are available including:

Gunslinger Saloon: Intended for smaller groups, the Gunslinger Saloon is cozy with a dance floor and bandstand.
Lower Level: With a western-style bar, the lower level offers a bandstand with dance floor.
Palo Verde Patio: This walled-in patio has terrific scenery with Palo Verde trees everywhere, as you might expect from its name. It offers a bandstand with a roomy dance floor.
Sunset Patio: Separated from other outdoor dining areas with a river rock wall as a divider, the Sunset Patio features an attractive cactus garden.
West 40: This bi-level area offers gorgeous views of Pinnacle Peak and seating for 500 patrons. It also offers a bandstand, two fireplaces, two bars, private restrooms, and its own entryway. It’s a great place to schedule a large party.
Upper Level: This level is one of the smaller eating areas and accommodates about 140 patrons. It’s cozy and romantic with a fireplace for an added touch of atmosphere.

Pinnacle Peak Patio’s “No Necktie Policy”

Steeped in a tradition of “casual dining,” the interior of this fine establishment is home to the world’s largest necktie collection, created by the Pinnacle Peak Patio’s “No Necktie Policy,” which began with the original owner. This tradition has continued through the years with more than 1,000,000 neckties being cut off any diners who refused to take them off. The first diner to experience the consequences of not taking off his necktie insisted on having his tie stapled to the rafters for all to see. Pinnacle Peak Patio’s “No Necktie Policy” is simply one of the idiosyncrasies that locals love about the place.

Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery Reservations

For Pinnacle Peak Patio reservations call ~ Day: (480) 585-1599 & Evening: (480) 585-1599