Dining at the Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery North Scottsdale AZ

One of the most popular eateries in Pinnacle Peak Scottsdale AZ and Troon Scottsdale AZ areas, Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery has been dishing up flavorful cuisine since 1957. While it might have started out serving dinner on weekends only during its early days, Pinnacle Peak Patio has grown large enough to serve 2,000 people with its outside seating areas and 1,800 with interior seating. It’s quite a popular eatery, especially due to its reputation for producing the areas most flavorful mesquite broiled steaks!

Pinnacle Peak Patio patrons can get great deals between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 pm Mondays through Fridays with $2.00 microbrews, domestics, and house wines. For those who like a bit to eat with their drinks, appetizers are currently half-price during these hours. Of course, the rest of the time, the food and beverages at Pinnacle Peak Patio are delicious while the atmosphere is unique, cozy, and entertaining.

Unique Décor at the Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery

From swinging saloon doors to fireplaces to a western-style bar, the Pinnacle Peak Patio offers an interesting spot to get away and enjoy a tasty meal with a few friends or a large gathering. The décor is distinctively western with a true taste of Arizona history infused into it.

Pinnacle Peak Patio Seating Areas

The restaurant’s spacious accommodations provide a fantastic place for large groups as well as smaller ones. Several inside and outside seating areas are available including:

Gunslinger Saloon: Intended for smaller groups, the Gunslinger Saloon is cozy with a dance floor and bandstand.
Lower Level: With a western-style bar, the lower level offers a bandstand with dance floor.
Palo Verde Patio: This walled-in patio has terrific scenery with Palo Verde trees everywhere, as you might expect from its name. It offers a bandstand with a roomy dance floor.
Sunset Patio: Separated from other outdoor dining areas with a river rock wall as a divider, the Sunset Patio features an attractive cactus garden.
West 40: This bi-level area offers gorgeous views of Pinnacle Peak and seating for 500 patrons. It also offers a bandstand, two fireplaces, two bars, private restrooms, and its own entryway. It’s a great place to schedule a large party.
Upper Level: This level is one of the smaller eating areas and accommodates about 140 patrons. It’s cozy and romantic with a fireplace for an added touch of atmosphere.

Pinnacle Peak Patio’s “No Necktie Policy”

Steeped in a tradition of “casual dining,” the interior of this fine establishment is home to the world’s largest necktie collection, created by the Pinnacle Peak Patio’s “No Necktie Policy,” which began with the original owner. This tradition has continued through the years with more than 1,000,000 neckties being cut off any diners who refused to take them off. The first diner to experience the consequences of not taking off his necktie insisted on having his tie stapled to the rafters for all to see. Pinnacle Peak Patio’s “No Necktie Policy” is simply one of the idiosyncrasies that locals love about the place.

Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery Reservations

For Pinnacle Peak Patio reservations call ~ Day: (480) 585-1599 & Evening: (480) 585-1599

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